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    How You Arrived Here

    You typed in this domain name or clicked a link and arrived here. The domain forwarded here to give you the info you are most likely searching for. This page will explain to you how to proceed. Did you type in the domain name to inquire about a purchase? If so, you're in luck. Using the info below and the buttons underneath you should be able to finish up shortly.

    Where To Purchase

    Depending on a few factors you should be able to proceed with the purchase from a few options. These can include a company owned by (probably) the most well-known registrar in the world - Afternic DLS a company owned by GoDaddy.


    Next we have DAN.com (formerly known as Undeveloped.com) which has staff available 5 days a week to help complete the purchase.

    To get to the right page use this format: https://dan.com/buy-domain/DOMAIN.EXTENSION - the domain name you are trying to acquire is what you type in the end of the URL. Example is if you're trying to purchase Cherrry.com then you go here: https://dan.com/buy-domain/cherrry.com


    You may not have a preference, in which case you can go to your favorite registrar and type in the domain and purchase there. Listed via Afternic the domain is listed in the partnership network and allows you to choose where to buy. Be aware that not all registrars are partners with Afternic so you might have to have a backup choice.


    Minimum offers if the domains are not priced will be starting in the lower four figure range. So if you don't see a price listed put your offer in (the higher it is the more likely you'll be receiving the domain soon after.) Offers in the $999 or less range may not be responded to or even countered.

    Payment Options

    Pay by Credit Card, PayPal, Crypto (such as Bitcoin) among other options. This may depend on where you decide to purchase.

    I cannot afford the name, now what?

    Well you'll be happy to know that we offer payment plans via DAN (12 months) and also Epik (up to 5 years.) Some as low as $88 a month. If you're a student buying for a project with a $50 budget then this will not be a domain for you. You can choose another option (like a free hosting page instead.) These domains are meant for real businesses or professionals with the knowledge that a domain can help make or break a company.

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